Hip-Hop Wednesday at La Vox Populi radio

The best of Bogotá Hip-Hop in one place

Where: Bogotá, Downtown

Price: Free

Host: La K-Zona Galería Comercial, La Vox Populi

Duration:  3 hours aprox.



What to do?


freestyle cypher, free breakdance lessons and an artist interview at la vox populi radio all Wednesdays in Bogotá Downtown. Rastro and the smokers, Adepto Arcano,  Skyzofrenia Crew and Filho da Beat show the best of Hip-Hop culture in the city. Radio streaming at www.lavoxpopuli.com


05. p.m Breakdance lessons

07 p.m Artist interview at La Vox Populi

08:30 p.m Rap freestyle

About La K-Zona Galería Comercial 

La K-Zona Galería Comercial it´s a culture plataform to doing the dreams come true.  An experimental space to meet different people with similar ideas and dreams. A big house with a lot of rooms and activities to do.

About La Vox Populi

A independent community radio project working on neighborhoods and streets, communicate and amplify ideas for a better world.

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