Speakeasy at Candelario Bar

Lenguage exchange + international party + games + beer 2×1 all night long

Where: Bogotá, Downtown
Price: Free
Host: Candelario Bar
Duration: 1 day – 4 to 10 hours aprox

What to do?

Located in the historic area and intended as a space for cultural exchange purposes, this party is willing to show you the best of Bogotá from a foreign point of view. Each table has a flag: a symbol of the language that is being practiced and its respective level: beginners, intermediate and advanced. It is designed for people from all over the world. Music is played by Los de la T, Dj. Santiago Mutis y Dj. Sir Philis.


05 p.m Lenguage exchange

09 p.m International party

About Candelario, Restaurant & Bar:
A great proposal for fun and dancing in Bogota. The best excuse to go downtown and enjoy good music, good liquor and good company. Special attention to tourists and guests from nearby hostels. Latin Groove, Latin Beats, Latin Flavour. 

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