El Sauco, a cultural and festive house




Where: Cll 9 #-14 Este, La Candelaria, Bogotá

Prices: it depends. Gratis > $5.000

Beer: $3.000

When: Thursdays (opened to general public)


More info : https://www.facebook.com/casaelsauco/

Credit photo : El Sauco


What to do?


The Sauco is a house of friends, thinked also as a space for experimentations’ workshops and artistic activities. Every Thursdays, this house opens its doors to general public offering cultural events. Moreover, if you you’re an artist or have any cultural project, you’re cordially invited to contact them : make happen your ideas !

You’ll meet there a friendly ambiance, full of good vibes, in a house of colonial architecture.


You can also use the Sauco’s fb page in order to find good events in Bogotá !

Credit photo : El Sauco


Example of events:

  • Concierto of Gaitas Urbanas, Colombian caribbean music
  • Electronic parties with local Djs
  • Cinema
  • Happy Brownies’ tasting watching crazy videoclips
  • Theatre


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