San Cipriano, River and Jungle

Plan #2 – River and Jungle


San Cipriano, an afro-descendent village in the jungle

San Cipriano boards a river in the jungle and is ubicated in a Natural Park, protecting the wildlife diversity. It’s a really good place to observe the splendor of the nature, in a peacefully environment. If the village brings more and more tourists (do not go there during the Semana Santa !), San Cipriano has known to protect its natural heritage and works to construct a conscious manners. Contrasting with lot of parts in  Colombia, it’s one of the cleaner place we saw.

How to go?

To go to San Cipriano, you have diverse options depending on where you are ubicated, but the first step is to join the small village of  .

  • If you come from Cali, ask the conductor to leave you on the crossroad that goes to Cordoba (2,5hours). You just have to walk 5 minutes to join Cordoba.
  • From Buenaventura, you must take a collectivo (a small bus) in the bus terminal. For $2,500, it drives you to Cordoba (~1 hour).

When you’re in Cordoba, you have to buy a return trip ticket to go to San Cipriano. It costs $11.000. You’ll discover then this incredible mean of transport, that really be worth seeing, and you’ll be embarked for a 20 minutes trip across the luxurious vegetation.

The entry cost of the Natural park (in which is ubicated the half of San Cipriano) $2.000/pers (you’ll can cross the border during your stay without paying again).


What to do?

  • A descent in rubber rings

In all the village, you’ll see that famous rubber rings that permit you to descent the river. You must rent it for $10.000/pers/dia. Once you got it, you’ll must walk around 45 min. on the pathway, till La Platina. From there, you can sit down on your rubber ring and take your day to discover the river. There are very beautifull places where you can stopped and enjoy the moment but also places where you can jump from stones or trees. A simple activity that proves to be a funny and interesting moment.


  • A walk in the jungle

Taking the pathway to go to La Platina, you’ll see on your right a sign indicating El camino del amor. Go walking there! You’ll discover three cascades walking through the trees and you’ll can enjoy a bath in natural water. Explore every path and don’t stop at the first cascade!


  • Just take a bath in the river!

There are different points boarding the path way where you can go. It’s shingle beaches, the water is fresh, and the panorama is really beautiful.

Where to sleep?

You’ll find easily an accommodation there: hostels, camping or huts. We stayed in a hostel ubicated near the football ground, you can ask for Don Marlon. The accommodation was very basic but also, economic: $30.000 per night for a double room. The family was nice with us and it’s a good price-quality ratio. You can also do camping there.



Things to know:

  • Take cash money: there isn’t distributors.
  • Don’t forget to take solar cream and clothes to protect you of sun, rain and insects.
  • Always think to recover your waste. This is our collective responsibility to take care of nature.
  • If you are a weed smoker, do not do it near people: this plant is associated with violent moments this region knew and with narco-traffic.
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