The National University



Where: Bogotá

Prices: Free


The National University is the biggest university of Colombia with around 50 000 students and a huge area but also one with the better reputation. Across the History, its students illustrate themselves by their participation to social movements and in facts, this university is situated on the left side of the political chessboard.


What to do ?


If the National University is also well known, it’s because of what happen on its campus.


> To lunch :

We recommend you to visit the University during the lunch time: there is a huge diversity of offer with very attractive prices and you’ll maybe have the chance to meet with cultural events and street spectacles.

Moreover, there are various vegetarian options.


> To assist cultural events :

The National University has a huge offer of conferences and cultural events (ex: concerts, expositions, theatre), which one are free. It’s a good way to discover local culture.


> To make parties :

Every Thursday nights, students of the University organize parties in front of the sociological building. It can be musical bands and sometimes DJs are mixing. These events have always a good ambient and it’s a funny way to speak with local students in order to understand their problematics and points of view.

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